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I will unbox your item in my "Trogly's Vlogly" Unboxing series and give my first impressions. This is not a full review (1-2 minutes long) and it will be unboxed along with other products. On top of the $20 payment, I require a free sample and for you to sponsor a giveaway of at least one additional product sent from you directly to the winner.


Would You Rock or Not?

Is there a guitar you’ve always wanted to see me talk about on the show? You can now sponsor your own episode! This is ideal for someone that: Wants to Give a Cool Gift to a Fan of the Show - Wants to Hear My Opinion of a Product - Is an individual that wants to increase model awareness - A company that wants to get exposure for their product. The video will be at least 3 minutes, but often times longer. This is a dedicated upload.


Review + Demo

If you've always wanted your guitar on the show for sentimental or advertising purposes - this is now an available feature! I will do an honest overview of your instrument as well as a tone test. If you would then like to consign the guitar with me, that can be arranged for an additional fee based off of the sales price. This is also the best way for companies to get hands-on exposure for their products for $150 + a free sample of their product. A "Give-Away" is also highly suggested with a sponsored video for maximum view and is required for items valued under $300. (Shipping both ways is the responsibility of the owner. I am not liable for shipping loss/damage.) This is more hands-on than a WYRON segment and typically brings in 3x the views.


Please keep in mind, you are paying for a topic – My Opinion is not for sale.

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