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Would You Rock or Not?

Is there a guitar you’ve always wanted to see me talk about on the show? You can now sponsor your own episode! This is ideal for someone that: Wants to Give a Cool Gift to a Fan of the Show - Wants to Hear My Opinion of a Product - Is an individual that wants to increase model awareness - A Way to Drive Traffic to your own For Sale listing. The video will be at least 3 minutes, but often times longer.


Review + Demo

If you've always wanted your guitar on the show for sentimental or personal advertising purposes - this is now an available feature! I will do an honest overview of your instrument as well as a tone test. If you would then like to consign the guitar with me, that can be arranged for an additional fee based off of the sales price (16.4% + Shipping Costs.) This is not the option for a company looking to advertise their products. If you are interested in that - pricing varies and I can be contacted at for more information. (Shipping both ways is the responsibility of the owner. I am not liable for shipping loss/damage.)


Please keep in mind, you are paying for a topic – My Opinion is not for sale.

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