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The Case…

This guitar will ship in a non-original hardshell case. One latch is missing, but the case functions fine otherwise. It is branded “E” for Epiphone. I believe this to be a 90s/00s era case. It has a black exterior and grey interior.

The Guitar!

I’ve been waiting for the right Sunset Metallic Custom Lite to pop up to review and document, but this Heritage Cherry Sunburst caught my attention in a major way! This plain top and color combo is awesome – Sadly, it isn’t clean enough for my personal collection after examining it in person, but this will do fine for a player or less-picky collector.

The custom lite is a thin-body Les Paul. If you need to know more about the history or detailed neck specs – check out my video!

Aside from a replaced switch tip, it appears to be all original.

Here are cosmetic things that I noted:

-the fretboard has shrunk a small amount so the neck sits slightly proud which creates a small shelf you might feel.

-There are a few dings on the headstock wing tips

– scratches in the “volute” area

-impressions on the back of the neck in the cowboy chord area and a few minor dings up the neck

-various dings by the back of the neck’s heel

-a sizable gouge/deep scratch from a strap by the bottom strap button

– the plastic neck pickup ring has an area glued since it cracked

-Switch tip is a black replacement

The following are the most major blemishes


– random ding across the top

– the finish has chipped along the “armrest” area. It isn’t brittle, but some finish is now missing

– The High E Tuner is BENT

– Blacklight reveals clear coat wear on the neck (it is polished smooth now) and some rubbed areas on top/back body

– Light stand rash marks