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I have a vast understanding of Gibson guitars. If you need help identifying, knowing the value of your instrument or need advice on which model to buy/how much to pay, I would be happy to help. If you need advice on a brand other than Gibson, please contact me first to ensure I know the answer before purchase.

You can generally expect a response within 72 hours. If you don’t hear from me within that time frame, please CHECK YOUR SPAM email folder and if not there resend your question!

(*NEW! If you need extra fast delivery, please also purchase an express response upgrade*.)

Your question may appear on the show – if you do not want it to, please let me know in your initial response.

After Payment, please send me a message at the email at the bottom of this page.

General Inquiry

If you have a single general question about the show or a guitar that does not pertain to its value or originality, this is the option for you. Examples: Did Gibson Make Any Purple Guitars? Is this an Authentic Gibson – Yes or No?


Model Identification

If you need help identifying the originality/model of your instrument or want a slightly more detailed response/explanation to your general inquiry โ€“ this is the correct option for you. I can also suggest to you multiple guitars that you might like within your budgeted range. This is also the option for if you need a pair of skilled eyes to look over a guitar before you purchase it but DO NOT need assistance with pricing help.


Market Evaluation (Guitars 1970-Current)

If you do not need an official document and just want to know what your guitar is worth or how much to offer a seller for their guitar โ€“ this is the option for you. (My most popular service!) This also includes looking over the guitar for replaced parts/things to note.


Vintage Market Evaluation (Guitars Before 1970)

If you do not need an official document and just want to know what your true vintage guitar is worth or how much to offer a seller for theirs โ€“ this is the option for you.


Once you’ve booked your session – please let me know the PayPal email you used to pay and email me your inquiry, photos + links to:

Please, no compressed zip files or videos that I have to download to view.

You can send multiple emails if necessary for photos to go through

EXPRESS Delivery of Your Booked Question

Sometimes you need answers FAST! If you need to guarantee a speedy response to your booked private help session, please buy this option after your initial purchase. I will answer within 10-Hours. I am typically around from 1pm-11pm EST