NGD Service

The NGD Service is currently on hold
for all guitars under $1,800. If you wish to support the channel on ANY purchase directly through Sweetwater’s website with full warranty, you may do so by clicking this affiliate link – this will take you to Sweetwater’s Website. Any purchase you make within a week of clicking this link directly on the Sweetwater website (not through the phone/email) will give credit to the show for your referral.


I hear you’re interested in buying a New Model guitar that’s been slightly used? Great! I’m interested in helping you get a better price on it. This service is for the Continental USA Only | I can sometimes assist other areas, but please let me know in advance so I can give you an accurate quote.

How Does This Work?

I buy LOTS of new guitars every year for independent review + demo and have worked great relationships with a few select dealers. If there is a model you’d like to see on the show, when you are 100% ready to buy – just message me (email at the bottom of this page) and let me know what make/model/color you’re after and I can get you a price quote.

I offer this service of saving you some money in exchange for letting me unbox or review your guitar on the show before you get it. You can usually expect a 2-5 week delivery estimate from the time it is delivered to me.

Sorry – I do not currently offer this service on used guitars.

How Much of a Discount Can I Expect?

I can at least save you the sales tax amount off of a purchase with my discount (don’t worry, the taxman is still paid too!) In this new, tax-heavy guitar-buying scene online – this can some nice savings! Many times I can get you a little bit more off the price for guitars priced $1499+.

I do charge a fee for this service as well as a re-shipping cost, but that is directly built into the quote of the guitar. I write all my quotes in “to-your-door” terms (Tax+shipping included)

How Do I Pay?

For my NGD Program, I only accept FRIENDS AND FAMILY / GIFT PayPalPERSONAL CHECK IN THE MAIL, or ZellePayA Regular Paypal Payment is fine, but will incur an additional 3% charge on the quoted price. Saving the Paypal fee is what pays for shipping to you. For personal check orders – the money must clear before I place the order, which may result in a then “in-stock” guitar order becoming an unexpected “pre-order.”

I vastly prefer Paypal F&F Since it is faster and avoids those situations. If you need instructions on how to pay like this – please check out this help article

Good Info To Know

Guitars are rarely perfectly flawless and all guitars are sold “as-is, used” and without a return policy, but shipped with full insurance. Should I find a big issue while inspecting your new guitar – I will alert you and have it replaced beforehand. Orders cannot be canceled once placed. Pre-Order Dates are approximate and subject to change.

If you need a return policy and full-warranty, please buy from Sweetwater using my link:

There will be some light wear from me handling it and playing it.

When You’re Ready to Buy…

email me directly at with NGD in the email title and have the full title and desired color of your NEW model guitar and zip code in the message.

I cannot help with hunting down used guitars, but I do offer a forwarding service for them if you’re located outside of the USA and need help getting one. I am unable to provide CITES paperwork and all risk is on the buyer.

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