NGD Service

If you wish to support the channel on ANY purchase directly through Sweetwater’s website with a full warranty, you may do so by clicking this affiliate link and completing the sale online.

(Phoned-in/Emailed Orders will not credit me.) – clicking this link is all you have to do!


I hear you’re interested in buying a New Model guitar and getting it featured on the show? Great! I can help you with that. This service is for the Continental USA Only | Alaska, Hawaii, PR, etc is still possible at an additional shipping charge. I can assist in shipping to other areas via my forwarding service.

How Does This Work?

I buy LOTS of new guitars every year for independent review + demo and have worked great relationships with a few select dealers and manufacturers. If there is a model you’d like to see on the show, when you are 100% ready to buy – just message me and let me know what make/model/color you’re after and I can get it ordered for you.

You can usually expect a 2-5 week delivery estimate from the time it is delivered to me.

Sorry – I do not offer this service on used guitars, but I do offer a forwarding service for them if you’re located outside of the USA and need help getting one or if your a USA buyer and want to see your new guitar get unboxed in the unboxing series on the show. I am unable to provide CITES paperwork and all risk is on the buyer.

How Much Does This Cost?

While I do charge a fee for making the review and reshipping the guitar to you – the dealers front this charge by giving me special pricing. The guitar’s listed pre-tax price is what you will pay me up front to reserve a guitar. I only have to charge sales tax to orders re-shipped to Ohio. If you live in a state that charges sales tax, you are technically getting a discount.

How Do I Pay?

For my NGD Program, I only accept Paypal Friends + Family / GiftPERSONAL CHECK IN THE MAIL or ZellePayA Regular Paypal Payment is fine, but will incur an additional 4% charge on the quoted price. The funds must clear before I place the order, which may result in a then “in-stock” guitar becoming an unexpected “pre-order.” I vastly prefer Gift-Paypal since it is instant.

My Paypal GIFT email is

all other regular PayPal payments and Zelle should be directed to – my email responses will come from These are my only 3 emails and I will NEVER contact you from a different one.

Good Info To Know

Guitars are rarely perfectly flawless and all guitars are sold “as-is, used” and without a return policy/factory warranty, but shipped with full insurance. The NGD program is not suited for people wishing to try out guitars, but for viewers that know they want a particular guitar. Should I find a big issue while inspecting your new guitar – I will alert you and have it replaced beforehand. If an issue is found after it arrives to you, please alert me within 5 days. Orders cannot be canceled once placed. Pre-Order Dates are approximate and subject to change.

There will be some light wear from my handling of the guitar and playing it.

If you need a return policy and full warranty, please buy from Sweetwater’s website using my affiliate link: This will credit me with the sale, but is not an NGD order that I will be a part of or get reviewed.

When You’re Ready to Buy…

email me directly at with NGD in the email title and have the full title and desired color of your NEW model guitar. A link to the item would also be beneficial.