International Forwarding Service

If you’ve run into a seller that doesn’t ship internationally – but you NEED to have this piece of gear – I can help… but unfortunately, it isn’t cheap.

I charge a base $200 forwarding fee + shipping costs to your country. This is simply a forwarding service. I am not responsible for the authenticity/condition/safety of the item. I will re-pack it securely and mail it to wherever you want it to go insured via UPS.

Your country will charge you import duties and taxes based on the value of the goods. You can contact your local customs agenecy to learn how much this might be.

If you still wish to continue – there are two options. You can buy the guitar with your credit card and have them ship it to me for forwarding (this will likely trigger sales tax.) Or you can forward me the money via PayPal and I can buy it. Most times this will save the sales tax – however, you will need to use PayPal gift or cover the PayPal fee (international fee is 5%) to make sure I get enough money to purchase the item for you

$200+shipping+import duties/taxes+paypal fees+cost of the item.

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