How to Pay with Paypal Gift

Please Read Very Carefully as there are no “do-overs” since Paypal does not return their 3% fee on refunds anymore

To pay via Paypal Gift:
You’ll want to log into your Paypal account on a computer (they hide the option very well on mobile)

Click on “Send Money” – This might also appear on a top bar as a drop-down menu. 

On the next page – you’ll enter my Paypal email address

Then select “Next” to continue. 

Here you will enter the amount we discussed and hit continue

This next page allows you to select the Friends and Family / Personal / Gift payment method which induces no fee for you or me as long as the money comes from your Paypal Account Balance or from a Linked Bank Account.

Keep in mind – you should ONLY use this type of payment method with someone you fully trust. There are many scammers online that will try to have you use this payment method in order to defraud you. There is NO PayPal Buyer Protection when you make a payment like this. It is just like a bank-wire transfer or sending a check in the mail. 

My reputation online is worth far more to me than¬†any¬†guitar so you know you’re safe with me, however, if you’d like buyer protection with Paypal – you’re more than welcome to send it via regular payment for an additional 2.9% + $0.30 to cover the Paypal fee (5% + $0.30 for international customers.) Just simply email me your Paypal email address and I can send you an invoice.