Museum Tour

The Trogly’s Guitar Show Museum

Planning and building a public museum takes time and money. To support this goal, I have decided to offer private tours of my collection to those who would like to help make this dream a reality and skip the wait all the while getting a unique experience! Your purchase will go towards the future museum, displays, and new guitars for the collection.

We will have a great time talking and looking at guitars all day! I look forward to meeting you

Ambassador Personal Tour

Spend the day with me and enjoy a private tour of the Trogly’s Guitar Show Collection in NW Ohio. Many guitars will be able to be played and in-hand, gloved viewing is encouraged. Up to 2 people are allowed per booking. The price includes the tour, an overnight hotel stay at a charming inn and a meal at a local restaurant with my family and me at the conclusion of the tour. All you have to do is get here!


…but a mere taste of what you might see!