1977 Gibson Les Paul Custom 25th Anniversary


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Click this reverb link for more photos: https://reverb.com/item/74670572-rare-1977-gibson-les-paul-custom-25th-anniversary-silver

Click for Condition overview video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7HxuVI01Owo&ab_channel=Trogly%27sShorts

It has been nearly 4 years since the last one of these has popped up! This is one of the rarest “anniversary” models that came out of the Norlin Era. You might be familiar with the more common 25/50 Anniversary Les Paul, but this is the TRUE 25th Anniversary model. Since the 25/50s were going to be a year late, Guitar Center Hollywood commissioned approximately 50 of these Les Paul Customs in a brand-new-for-that-time Silver color that was later reused in the early 80s on the “Pewter” Customs. Aficionados might recognize that 1977 was also the prototype year for the now-coveted “Silverburst” finish. It is possible Guitar Center’s order might’ve inadvertently birthed Silverburst adding to the cool history of the true 25th anniversary model.

Spec-wise, these are just regular Les Paul Customs with a special finish. Some of these also had a special engraved tailpiece and “Les Paul” pickguard.

This example is in respectable condition but was played quite a bit and the clear coat has ambered so much it has started to look more like Guitar Center’s 1980 Custom Run of ALL GOLD Les Paul Customs (If you have one, feel free to message me.)

Pretty much the only thing left original on this are the pickups (replaced covers), pots, truss rod cover, frets, back plates, bridge + era correct tailpiece. It has finish checking, finish nicks, dings + chips throughout. If you’re interested, check out the condition overview video located in the last photo.

Ships in era-correct Gibson Hardshell case.