The Mystery $1,000 Les Paul

Sometimes you only have a few minutes to make a move on a guitar when it comes to being a dealer – especially online. This was a “1958” Gibson Les Paul Custom for $1,000. Is it a steal? Is it real? Too good to be true? What is it? This guitar lasted on Reverb for only 20 minutes before selling. It was rough looking, but it didn’t take me long to actually figure out what it was! Can you figure out what it is just by these photos?

Give Up? Let Me Show You

This photo shows us it has an ABR-1 Bridge
The Clear Bobbin P90 pickup dates it to around the 70s
This style of headstock is not 50s though it might look it at first glance to the untrained eye
Also note: the nut is missing and is revealing a mahogany neck which can help ID it
The paint job appears to have heavy moisture/water damage or maybe even Fire.
The humbucker in the neck doesn’t make any sense with a stock p90 in the bridge – this must be an aftermarket routing job!
There is no volute – this is a key detail
BAM! This is the only photo you really need.
Made in USA stamp means the EARLIEST this could have been made is 1969
The Serial Appears to be E89730. Gibson only used a Leading Letter in 1974/1975
However, if you know your stuff – you’ll be able to tell there is also an L before the E
LE89730 = Limited Edition. Only used on the early reissues from 1972/3
The additional screw holes in the back tell us Kluson tuners were on this guitar at one point

All of these clues and serial number should have led you to the result of a 1972/3 Gibson 1954 Les Paul Custom Reissue. $1,000 was definitely worth it!
Click picture to see an original one!

Did you guess the model correctly?


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