2017 Triple Pickup Blue Les Paul Custom Widow

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVOAHAZw42E For Sale on Reverb Blue Widow: https://reverb.com/item/20089669-gibson-les-paul-custom-widow-2017-blue?_aid=growsumo&gs_partner=Trogly Here is a fun one! A Blue Les Paul Custom Widow with triple humbuckers! Essentially what makes this one interesting is the addition of the 3rd humbucker the rest can be learned about in this article https://poll.fm/10288537

1971 Gibson SG-250 Cherry Sunburst

https://youtu.be/HcgOHIm4zMg The SG-XXX series of guitars consisted of 5 models. The SG-100, SG-100 P90, SG-200, Sam Ash SG-200 and the SG-250. These instruments were made from 1971-1972 as direct replacements to the Melody Maker guitars of the 60s and were then quickly replaced by the SG-1 / 2 models. Unique features to these instruments are … Continue reading 1971 Gibson SG-250 Cherry Sunburst