If PRS, Gibson, Taylor and Ibanez Made a Baby | Custom Build

Here is a cool custom build that a fan of the show brought to me in order to review. This was his first custom build that was crafted with the help of his teacher! This seems like a really fun class and the end result looked and played great!

His Custom Build is housed in a Gibson Lifton Reissue Case

My favorite part about this guitar is how he blended many different elements from many manufacturer (some without even knowing it!)

The body style is very PRS Single Cut-Like and it has the sloped faux binding in the cutaway as well as the recessed knobs. It is Gibson for the open book headstock, volute and cherry sunburst finish. Taylor due to the tuners and back headstock veneer (could also be seen as a Gibson trait.) Finally, it is Ibanez for his unique use of the Disappearing Pyramid inlays!

This is a 2 piece maple top of a semi-chambered mahogany body with mahogany neck and ebony fretboard.

Even the pickups were handwound by him. The bridge pickup seems extra special with a nice vintage quack/bite to it!


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