Gibson / Baldwin Les Paul Piano Cherry Sunburst

You might find it hard to believe, but in the early 2000s Gibson had Baldwin build a special version of their best selling piano (the 243 Model) that became known as the Gibson Les Paul Piano. Approximately 100 of these were produced.

The piano featured a guitar-like cherry sunburst finish on a Cherry Lyptus body, but that is not where the guitar features ended!

Les Paul Playing a Gibson Les Paul Piano

The arms of the piano were sculpted like the side profile of a Les Paul. The legs were modeled after two guitar necks being glued together at the fretboard and the piano’s feet featured the Gibson Open-Book headstock shape. The knobs to pull the cover over the keys were styled after a Kluson tuning key. (If you own one of these and would like to submit better photos to me of the indivual parts – I would appreciate it!)

Additional features for this mashup of titans include a large Gibson logo with Les Paul’s hand-drawn signature on a large piece of figured Maple and brass hardware.

It might not be what you think of when you want a Les Paul in your collection, but it is certainly an interesting piece of Gibson history!


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