1971 Gibson SG-250 Cherry Sunburst

https://youtu.be/HcgOHIm4zMg The SG-XXX series of guitars consisted of 5 models. The SG-100, SG-100 P90, SG-200, Sam Ash SG-200 and the SG-250. These instruments were made from 1971-1972 as direct replacements to the Melody Maker guitars of the 60s and were then quickly replaced by the SG-1 / 2 models. Unique features to these instruments are … Continue reading 1971 Gibson SG-250 Cherry Sunburst

2019 Gibson “The Paul” 40th Anniversary Review

I purchased one of the 2019 The Paul Reissues because I had to know if it would be as good as the original. Let's find out if it's worth $1399!