Gibson Les Paul Custom Shop Class 5 Triple Deluxe Orange Crush

Here is an interesting Les Paul that sounds like you’re ordering off the deluxe menu at McDonald’s! The Class 5 Triple Deluxe Les Paul in sweet translucent Orange Crush finish.

Who ordered the Class 5 Triple Deluxe?

Besides the awesome orange finish with flame top, it gets the “triple” part of its name from the 3 mini humbuckers that are loaded stock. This is not a pickup combination you see very often. In fact, I had a hard time finding a demo of a triple mini humbucker guitar. If you don’t like mini hums, you can always swap them out for p90 pickups.

Furthermore, this instrument features a maple top with mahogany back and neck with a rosewood fretboard and trapezoid inlays. It came from the custom shop as a Class 5 Creation.

Despite being a Class 5, it does not have an ABR-1 Bridge and is likely only Class 5 from the unique type of 17 hole weight-relief that they use on these models.

Another unique feature includes the blank, cream truss rod cover. It also comes in a Gibson Lifton-Style Reissue case. It is currently for sale at $4199


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