Trogly’s Somnium Guitar Contest

Here is your chance to win this awesome Somnium Electric guitar with their patented Hot-Swap Pickup system. 1st Prize will receive this guitar with their choice of in-stock pickups and a Gator hardshell case.

It might not look like much – but trust me, I had a great time with mine and you’ll love all the pickups you can swap in!


1) Like and Comment on the Announcement video and Subscribe to my YouTube Channel

2) Download the backing track here

( Edit 7-10-19 – to clarify, no editing the speed of the track – you must use this track as-is)

Just click download and load it into Logic Pro / Garage Band
If you don’t have those, just turn the volume up and play over it!

3)Film yourself playing your own original riff over the provided backing track.

4)Upload it to YouTube with “Somnium Guitar Contest” in the title and a link back to my original video. For best results, also post a comment with a link to your entry on this article.

You can add bass, you can do multiple guitar parts – you can even make more than one entry (Edit July 7: Let’s limit it to 3) – that is all open to you to decide. You must use this backing track though.

We will accept entries until July 20th – 11:59PM EST

From there, both Somnium and Myself will select a winner. There will only be one winner, but I will be making a compilation video of the best entries!

For all participating entrants that don’t win – You can use the code “Trogly” on Somnium’s Website for 25% percent off your order!

This contest is open world-wide, but you will have to cover additional shipping costs if you are outside of the continental United States.

Good luck and most importantly – have fun!


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