The Neal Schon “Anyway You Want It” Guitar | 1980 Gibson Les Paul Limited Edition “Super Custom”

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This is the Les Paul that has made people scratch their heads for years. The one Neal Schon used in the Band “Journey” especially for the “Any Way You Want It” music video. Is it a 25/50 Anniversary Les Paul or a Les Paul Supreme? No – it is the one and only Super Custom.

These were made in two runs. One in 1979/1980 and another in 1984 as a Japan Exclusive (due to Journey’s Popularity over there.) Approximately 31 were made in the 1979/1980 run and the first one made still had wooden binding like a The Les Paul. The 2nd run had some difference to the first, but still had the mahogany core body surrounded by maple.

These are very rare guitars and you almost never seen the first run surface to the market… mainly because people don’t know what to call them since Les Paul Limited Edition pulls up tons of different searches online (of which rarely pull the correct guitar up.)

So much case candy


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