Gibson Midtown Custom Cherry Sunburst

The Gibson Midtown series consisted of many different models. The Midtown Standard, Dexlue, Custom, Kalamazoo and Signature (Bass) models are the main ones. These were stylized after the Memphis plant’s ES-335, ES-355, Byrdland and the LP Signature Bass guitars. While they might look like the flagship models, they are built in completely different ways. These are more akin to a Chambered Les Paul with F-Holes. They have a solid mahogany back that is chambered and then a maple top put on them instead of being the usual carved Maple-Poplar-Maple sandwiches. These midtowns are also slightly reduced in size.

These have a bad reputation for poor construction quality and many finish blemishes. You used to be able to find many damaged one on eBay so make sure you thoroughly look over any examples you might be interested in purchasing. These instruments feel very different too. Many are ‘stiff’ to play. Because of many people also sharing in these opinions, they can usually be picked up at decent, player-friendly prices.

These are good guitars – though not necessarily fantastic.


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