5SOS Michael Clifford Signature Melody Maker Review

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Here is the new Michael Clifford Signature Melody Maker – This is a limited edition that seems to be selling out fast and is hard to find in stores. Michael Clifford is the guitarist for the band Five Seconds of Summer ( 5SOS ) and this is his take on the old Joan Jett Melody Maker Reissues that paid tribute to the 1965 Melody Makers. On top of that, it borrows the specs of the early 2000s VooDoo series with a Swamp Ash body and a maple neck. Combining these two instruments was a fantastic idea!

The Finish is called Jett Black Cherry which is a mixing of two of this band’s songs – “Jett Black Heart” and “Valentine” which uses the lyrics “sweet cherry pie” in it. The richlite fretboard is adorned with acrylic red X’s that are inspired by Michael’s love for the Final Fantasy X video game.

This guitar plays excellent and it sounds very nice. The single Burstbucker 3 humbucker is very hot sounding and there is a push/pull volume pot to give you a coil split sound as well. The split sound is very spanky. This guitar will inspire you to play.

What makes this one extra special is the wood grain. The top is beautiful, but the back has a cool “beating heart” on it and seeing as the guitar’s finish “Jett Black Cherry” is inspired by the song “Jett Black Heart” it is very fitting for a 5SOS Michael Clifford guitar. 


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