2019 Gibson Joan Jett ES-339

Episode Guide
0:15 – Joan Jett History
1:50 – What’s a 339?
2:47 – How Does this One Differ?
3:57 – Best Personalized Features
5:03 – Inside Look / Specs
10:51 – Tone Test
14:24 – Final Thoughts
15:59 – Special Case + Candy

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Joan Jett is mainly associated with the 1965-style Gibson Melody Maker, but she has recently been touring with a Gibson ES-339 for the past 2 years. Why the sudden change? Find out in today’s episode. I will also teach you what a 339 is and compare its size to a Les Paul and an ES-335.

New for 2019, Gibson has partnered with Joan Jett to release 150 of her new ES-339. The first 50 were hand signed “Joan Jett* was here” by the control knobs and numbered 1-50 vertically on the back of the headstock and had a much darker finish on the back of their neck. The other 100 were numbered horizontally on the back of the headstock had had the same bright cherry finish the rest of the instrument had on the neck. Both are very limited and sure to become collector’s items in the future.

Despite there not being a lot of “buzz” about this model – my mom likes Joan Jett so I thought I would check this one out. Construction wise, these are identical to the current 2019 ES-339 Figured series with a chambered maple center block and Adirondack Spruce bracing. She does have a few nice personalized touches though with the plastic strap buttons, witch hat knobs with special speed knob and Burstbucker 2 + 3 pickups.


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  1. The super glue look on the volume knob is what happens when the heat off the drill bit melts the plastic.

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