2019 Gibson Explorer Tribute B-2 Review


New for 2019 is the Gibson Explorer Tribute Model – Initially Announced as the B-2. These originally retailed for $1,399 and came stock with Gig Bags.

This instrument is seen as a tribute to the ’84 styled explorer in its striped down, blacked out vibe. It has a mahogany neck and body with a rosewood fingerboard equipped with Dirty Fingers+ high-output, ceramic pickups.

I personally thought that $1399 was a very high price for this guitar, especially since it did not come with a case. However, I love the feel of this guitar’s satin finish. You cannot feel the wood grain though so it is more in between a satin and gloss finish. This instrument plays very well and I was impressed with its overall sound.

The pickups are very hot so it was best for playing rock / metal, but if you dial your amp settings back, you can get some nice clean tones as well.

Overall, I enjoyed this guitar more than I thought I would. I think their price point needs to be adjusted to $999-$1199 to offer a better value when compared to the higher-end, gloss finished Explorer that comes with a case at $1699, but I can definitely see how someone might fall in love with this explorer at the store!


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