2012 Gibson Jason Hook Signature M4 Sherman Explorer

Here is a cool signature explorer that belongs to Jason Hook of Five Finger Death Punch and Alice Cooper Fame!

This instrument is called the M4 Sherman, named after a popular World War II tank. It has many interesting features that differentiates it from a normal explorer.

It comes stock with Seymour Duncan 59 Neck and JB Bridge pickups and has a conduit covering the wiring channel instead of a pickguard. This kind of gives it a cool steampunk vibe!

It also has an additional cutaway for better upper fret access and a 45-degree angle cut on the front to make it more comfortable to play.

Extra Cutaway for upper fret access!
45-Degree Slope to rest your arm on!

This is an all mahogany explorer with a Granadillo fretboard. Granadillo looks similar to rosewood, but is a bit more red in color. Jason picked this fretboard material because he liked it best out of all the fretboard options Gibson gave him. You know he isn’t lying because it is the same fretboard that he is using on the new Jason Hook Epiphone explorer!

On the back of the headstock you’ll find locking Grover mini tuners and a Jason Hook graphic

I think this graphic makes it look like a Chinese Fake – but it is factory!

This instrument also came stock with TONS of case candy including a unique Certificate of Authenticity and signature picks

COA in Special Display Case Holder (Included with All Guitars)

Even cooler is the M4 Sherman Green Gibson Case!

Jason Hook M4 Sherman Green Gibson Case

The army theme might not be for everyone, but this is definitely one interesting explorer!


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