2019 Fender Ultra Jazzmaster

Price Includes Shipping within CONUS The Trogly's Guitar Show! See, Hear, Learn About and Experience your new guitar... before you buy! The Case... This instrument comes in its original Fender hardshell case and has the COA and all other paper work and accessories as seen in the first two photos. The Guitar! I purchased this brand new from an authorized Fender Dealer in order to provide the world and impartial Review and Demo. This was not a floor model and was only used and handled for around 3 hours. You will find light fingerprint marks and maybe a few other minor blemishes from my handling such as picking scratches, but the plastic is still over the pickguard. I have added graphite to the nut, polished the frets and conditioned the fretboard. Conclusion If you're looking for a modern-sounding guitar in the Jazzmaster body - this is the guitar for you!


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