RGF Guitar Contest Entry

I thought this would be fun to participate in as well as help get the word out about this contest. I had fun writing this riff even if it does sound like other songs. I promised tabs, bro, so here they are!

If you’re not familiar with Rudy’s work, his channel is full of guitar memes as well as skillful playing that blew up about 6 months ago when he won samurai guitarist’s unfinished song contest. Rudy’s version is sponsored by GF Guitars, so you have the chance to win this one. All you have to do is write a 16 second riff over the provided drum track that can be found in the description of the announcement video and then upload it to YouTube with the title, RGF Guitar Contest.

The beauty behind a riff contest versus the original solo competition idea is that it doesn’t take crazy guitar skills to write a killer riff. In fact, some of the most memorable riffs ever written are easy to play, but sound terrific.

I took a Paul Gilbert approach to writing mine and simply mapped out exactly what I first heard in my head. Low and behold, that riff was actually above my skill level and it took me a good two days to get it down and the end result was like a blend between Slipknot’s psychosocial and White Snakes Still of the Night. I just love looking at all the different entries and admiring how each person can create something so unique based on the same drum track. So please enter the contest and leave your links in the comments section below as I want to see them too! Good luck!


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