BG Little Sister Private Build Brazilian Rosewood


$5500. (USA Sales only due to Brazilian board)

As seen in this video:


The Case…

This guitar comes in its original B&G Private Build case that TKL Canada made for them. The exterior is a nice brown color and the interior is maroon. There is some light storage wear to the case and a bit of finish missing on the B+G logo, but it works perfectly fine. Inside the case compartment sleeps the Certificate of Authenticity, CITES paperwork for the Brazilian Rosewood fretboard, originals sales receipt and a few other goodies.

The Guitar!

This Private Build Little Sister is an awesome guitar! The looks harkens back to the old world… but don’t let that fool you – this can rock! I was SHOCKED at how good the tone were from these hand-wound pickups!

The serial number dates this one to 2017. It is all original and in excellent condition. Being a black finish, it shows finger prints and polishing swirls unapologetically, but I didn’t notice any major dings, dents or gouges. The is an internal crack in one of the plastic knobs. This was very lightly used and in a similar condition to a “floor model” from a store. If you’ve been looking for one of these Brazilian Rosewood B&G Little Sisters – now is your chance!

This is in on consignment so all sales are final.