2013 Gibson Schenker V


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More photos on Reverb Ad: https://reverb.com/item/66181004-video-2013-gibson-rudolf-schenker-scorpions-flying-v-black-white-and-red?_aid=growsumo&gs_partner=Trogly

The Case…

This guitar from 2013 comes in a rare (and valuable) 80s Gibson Lifton Style Reissue case. Why it has this case… I’ll never know, but it is a nice bonus! The handle has been replace with a rope and there are a few stickers on it. Overall, it is in better condition than most.

The Guitar! Thin D Neck | 6lbs 13oz

For sale is the hard-to-find Rudolf Schenker Gibson USA Signature Flying V. Out of all the runs, this is the “closest” to spec to his original 70s Flying V and uses his preferred neck profile w/ volute and granadillo fretboard. Seriously – try this neck out if you ever see one, it is unlike most Gibson necks! Black + White 1/2 + 1/2 finish with Red and White pickguard. This was a limited edition of 400.

This example was played quite a bit, but she cleaned up nicely. There are several dings all over the guitar + edge wear, including some that were possibly touched up and others that are bare wood. There are some “burn” circle marks on the back. I’ve photographed all blemishes that I saw, but it is possible I missed a few so please view the video to see the guitar in real-time. The frets are in excellent condition with minimal wear. The guitar was just cleaned and the fretboard was conditioned.