2008 Lavender Sparkle R7


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The Case…

This guitar comes in an era correct Gibson case. It has a few scuffs and storage wear, but is overall functional. Inside the case sleeps some case candy and COA.

The Guitar! 9.5lbs | FAT 50s Neck

Cosmetically, this guitar is very clean and was just polished head to toe. It is similar to that of a new R7, but it does have some finish-related issues we will dive into further down.

The Lavender Sparkle finish is like looking at a Static TV, but purple! Very hypnotic in person. You’ll see minor wear from light play. The fretboard is INSANELY gorgeous. This guitar has the FAT neck and is stamped as an R7 in the body – the COA simply reads “LP Sparkle.”

Unfortunately, this wasn’t perfectly stored its whole life. This caused some “fret sprout” to happen which left cracking marks in the binding and around the nut (bass side) as well as some oxidation on the hardware. It is stabilized now but you’ll always have these lines. As is common with metallic finishes, there is also finish checking in other areas as well. I decided to focus on this for the photo shoot – to see the full guitar, please check out the video! They aren’t visible at all angles – consider these shots “exaggerated.” These are also some discoloration areas around the tuners and in the headstock’s finish in general from a tuner lubricate that bled into it.