1991 Firebird I


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The Case…
This guitar comes in an era-correct Gibson brown case with pink interior and case shroud. The case has some scratches and smells of mothballs. The guitar doesn’t really have much of an odor so this must’ve been stored somewhere. The handle needs re-revited to the case. The “loop” is in the case to do that. Inside the case are 3 pieces of case candy as well.

The Guitar!
What makes this Firebird I cool? It has an ABR-1 Bridge and Stop Bar tailpiece set up like a Firebird V! All the rest is just like normal. The Custom Shop Edition decal means this was a limited edition guitar. The Custom Shop as a separate division didn’t open until 1993.

The guitar was just polished and the frets cleaned to a mirror-like shine. Display worthy – but has lots of verticle finish checking if you’re looking for it and a fair share of minor nicks/dings – like on the headstock. There is some minor buckle worming on the back. The truss rod is in good shape, but does have some threads sticking past the nut. Not quite to limited adjustability area yet. Check the video out to see the guitar’s condition in real-time.


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