1986 Gibson Les Paul Studio Custom XPL Aged White (Les Paul with Explorer Headstock)


This is part of my personal collection.
I would sell it for 50,000 USD
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The Case…
This instrument comes in its original Gibson hardshell case that is black with a blue interior. The lid no longer supports itself and the lid ribbon has come detached. The bottom latch is missing, but the handle and all other latches are present and functioning.

The Guitar!
This is a guitar of legends – One of 8 examples currently known to exist (if you own one with a serial ending higher than 548 or lower than 539, please contact me so I can continue to track these!)

If you do not know what you’re looking at, please check out my video on Youtube which will teach you all about the elusive history of this guitar. This is NOT the Aldo Nova model – the official title from Gibson at the time is “Studio Custom XPL.” Serious inquiries only.

This guitar is in exceptional condition for its age. It has some light finish checking around the low-e string, a bit of finish has chipped off along side the treble side of the nut and you will find light player’s wear and tarnishing to the pickup covers. As far as these things go – it is very clean. Technically, the truss rod has limited adjustment, but it appears it was set that way at the factory judging by the white paint coating the rod. I might have never even been used. The neck is good and straight so I don’t see that ever being an issue.

If you want one of these – mine is available, but I’m in no rush to sell.