1983 Gibson Les Paul XPL Aldo Nova Model


This is part of my personal collection

I would consider offers $100k or higher

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The Case…
This instrument comes in its original Gibson rectangular Hardshell case. Inside the case compartment sleeps an old photocopy of the 1998 George Gruhn’s article snippet about these guitars.

The Guitar!  60s Neck | 8.5lbs
This guitar needs no introduction. It is the legendary and mysterious Aldo Nova model of the mid-80s. If you want to know the truth about this model’s history (and not just all the rumors that have been made up over the past 25 years) – check out my in-depth history video on YouTube.

This is an incredibly fine specimen in very good+ condition. You will just find a few minor pin point impression here or there and a few very light buckle worming marks. There is a finish ding on the edge of the headstock. Most dealers would call this mint for its age. All parts are era correct – however, I restored the ’85 Tim Shaws and put an era-correct switch tip on it. The bridge has slightly collapsed – if you’re a serious player, you might want to upgrade it – but seeing as this is a collector’s instrument, I chose to leave it along.

If you’re a serious collector – this is a must-have. Join the ranks of rockstars – Aldo Nova and Rick Nielsen and a select few who have this rare explorer headstock Les Paul Reissue birthed in the mid-80s in their collection. I’m in no hurry to sell.