1980s Tim Shaw PAFs Pickup Set


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Vintage Set of Covetted 1980s Gibson TIM SHAW PAFs – great for getting that perfect vintage tone or restoring your highly collectible Les Paul!

PLEASE BE CAREFUL BUYING TIM SHAW PAFS ONLINE – many sellers don’t know how to accurately ID Tim Shaw PAFs and end up selling you a vastly cheaper PU490 or early 490 series pickup instead. After 1986, there were quite a few similar-looking “experimental” pickups used. Gibson used the PAT NO. 2,737,842 baseplate from ~1975-1992. Key things to look for in an online listing are small BRASS backplate screws, braided single lead w/ color mark on the end, White Spacers and readings in the 7.1-7.7 kohm range. Most will have a date code XXX XXX on the back, however Tim Shaw PAFs from early 1980 will still have the TTOP-like “Mar 30, 1980” style date stamp and the last few years of Tim Shaws late 1985-1986 will have no date stamp at all. I see too many people getting scammed on “fake Tim Shaws” – Don’t be one of them!

This is a 100% authentic and unmolested, matched-set pulled from an early-1986 Gibson Les Paul Standard. The covers do show some wear as seen in the photos and they haven’t been cleaned in case you wanted some “mojo” on them to match your guitar. The leads are still full length at approximately 6.5″ on the bridge and 11″ on the neck. They read a healthy 7.45 + 7.49 kohms and the covers have never been off of them.

It can be tricky for me to differentiate between chrome and (clean) nickel covers without looking at two sets side-by-side, please look at the photos and judge for yourself. I would guess Chrome since they came out of a Standard but I’ve been wrong in the past and they do have that slightly “darker” look to them.