1979 Gibson Les Paul KM Natural w/ Custom Made Plaque


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The Case…
This instrument comes in an era-correct 70s Gibson hardshell case. The lid ribbon has snapped in half, but handle is still present and  all latches are functioning. The case has a bit of an “old” smell to it as these tend to do.

The Guitar! 60s Neck | 10lbs 4oz
The Les Paul KM is a collectible model that was a limited run of Kalamazoo Built Les Pauls with 2-piece tops and double cream Ttop pickups. They came in Natural, Tobacco Burst and Cherry Sunburst. Natural is the rarest color and finding one with the Plaque that only the early ones got was very lucky! This example is in respectable condition, but was definitely used.

Headstock – some lacquer chipping around the Gibson logo. Some scratches and scuffs
Truss rod is in perfect condition
Fretboard – fingernail divoting is present throughout the board. Deep enough to notice in the light.
Frets show flattening/divot wear up through 12th fret
Face of Body – Beautiful wood grain and light birdseye. There are pin sized dings, scratches and scuffs from playing. It presents well, but definitely shows wear when viewing it in the light. The bridge and tailpiece are tarnished as are some of the tuners. I would suggest replacing them to make them look nicer.
Back of headstock – very clean – small clearcoat wear on bass-side horn.
Back of neck – very clean, nice and glossy. There is a very tiny area of finish wear right along binding at 2nd fret
Back of body – There are buckle worming marks visible in the light. Area of Strap rash near the rear. Sides have worming marks too

Guitar is all original – except for the strap buttons which have been restored to Gibson style

I’m happy to provide a video tour of this guitar if you’re concerned about the condition. I also have many additional photos I can provide to show all the wear spots.