1962 Gibson Les Paul SG Ebony Block


Asking price: 25,999

USA Sales only due to Brazilian Rosewood Fretboard


The Case…

The original case for this guitar was lost in a marital dispute between the original owner and his first wife. This arrived to me without a case at all so I sourced a slightly later 60s case that has a similar color interior as the original case though with just the regular black tolex. The case is in good shape with light typical wear.

The Guitar!

Here is an interesting one that I purchased from the original family. It was sold by the granddaughter of the original owner! It had sat untouched for about 30 years stung up with flat-wound strings until I got it! Unfortunately, during storage – the nut cracked from the pressure of the low-e string, the winding of the slug coil side of the neck pickup shorted out and since we were missing a string, we lost one of the original saddles. These were issues I was tasked with fixing.

Luckily, this one features (2) PAF pickups – the real deal short-magnets with the Patent Appl For decals – no patent stickers in this example – but unfortunately, the neck pickup died. I just had Lindy Fralin of Fralin pickups rewind just the slug-coil side of the pickup to get it back up and functioning. One saddle+screw for the G-string has been replaced with nylon. The original owner must’ve changed the arm at some point with a later 60s variation that you see on the Lyre vibrola. The nut has been glued, but should really be replaced as it doesn’t appear it will hold much longer. Other than this, the rest of the guitar is stock and original.

The condition of this is quite good being from 1962! It isn’t minty by anymeans as it was used by the original owner for many years before he passed. It has the typical headstock ding on the treble side – edge wear, dings on the neck + body and around the edges, fading to the finish on the top and finish checking, but thankfully no serious breaks or repairs. There is a small area on the treble side of the neck that looks like the fretboard/binding was lifting a little bit which has caused a small separation or something like that, but there isn’t much you can do about that. Please view both the full videos to see the guitar’s condition in real-time. It just underwent a deep cleaning so it looks quite nice! I left all the hardware alone. A personalized setup is encouraged upon arrival.



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