1954 Reissue Les Paul Senior


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The Case…

This guitar comes in a Gibson Custom Shop Lifton-style reissue case. It shows light wear and tear from storage and minor use. Inside the case compartment sleeps the COA, Gibson MOD Collection Paperwork and a Gibson USA case candy baggy – including the Gibson multi-tool and polishing cloth!

The Guitar! 8lbs 7oz | 50s Neck

This thing was a bit of a mystery so I had to buy it and check it out! It turns out this was spec’d a 1954 Les Paul Custom Reissue, but the Alnico V Staple pickup was omitted from the build and they opted for a wraptail piece only giving this ’54 custom a very unique look with a custom finish! Gibson doesn’t play around with ’54 reissues that often, nor do they make that many in general so this one is extra fun for that reason!

This means you get the vintage style tuners and most likely a Mahogany top (unable to confirm due to it all being painted. The color on this guitar is really cool. In sunlight, it does a Yellow to Red Flip Flop (see video) and the back of the neck and sides have an interesting green over red swirl.

Being a MOD collection guitar – it isn’t perfect. Please see the photo that has Gibson’s findings about the condition and why it was stamped MOD. I noticed a ding right under the tailpiece to be the worst of the condition findings. The Truss rod is one of those that was left “long” by the factory. There are some paint flaws on the back, some minor missing chips by the binding on the cutaway as well as some by the wrap tailpiece. Overall, nothing too major.

This is only the 2nd “Custom Senior” I’ve seen – and the first one with “reissue” specs. If you haven’t tried a one pickup guitar – give it a go! This one is special especially leaving the factory without a pickguard installed!