Glarry GP Electric “P” Bass

Many guitarists find that when they are recording their music, it would be great to have a bass and many even an electronic drum kit to assist in their creativity. Sure, you can program basslines and drum tracks, but sometimes it is just easier to play it on an actual instrument.

I’ve found myself in this situation a few times, but despite having no issues throwing down $4,000 on a guitar, I’m not as loosey-goosey when it comes to buying a bass that I’ll only occasionally use. For the cheap-skates, beginners and low-investment players out there – Glarry Music has you covered.

This is a sponsored video and article by Glarry Music. They sent me a bass for free in exchange for an honest review. That is one thing that I like about working with this company, they never tell me what to say nor do I feel pressured to say only nice things. In fact, I’m a bit hard on their inexpensive products sometimes! They respect me for that though and continually send me new models.

You can watch the video to get the full experience of unboxing and how it plays and sounds, but if you’re here, you likely want the low down.

Is is worth buying the Glarry P Bass? Yes if you just need something to play. There are definitely much better bass guitars in the $300+ range, but not everyone wants to spend that much. For $70, they are surprisingly good.

It is $70 shipped to your door. If you need a decent little bass amp too, it is an additional $20 if you buy the bundle. The amp was definitely useable for practice (not so much for recording) but it does have a headphone jack which is a nice feature for practicing. As far as recording goes, it sounds great plugged directly into your audio interface which is the main appeal of this instrument to me.

What is bad? It is CRAZY neck heavy and mine had some pretty bad grounding hum. I’m might have accidentally damaged the grounding wire when taking it apart for documentation though so I can’t really fault Glarry for sure there.

The neck on my example was straight, but the needed tools to adjust the relief are included as well as the allen key for string action adjustments.

Tone wise, the bass is rather bright sounding. However, that is great because you can then use the tone knob to dial in the bass tone you’re looking for dark, mid, and bright.

Overall, yes, the Glarry Bass is a good enough bass if you just need something hanging around. Would make a fun customization project too!


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