The Fender Hellecasters Welcome back Troglodytes to Would You Rock or Not - Fender Friday Edition. What the HELLECASTER is going on here? Fender Friday took a two week break to cover the 2019 Gibsons so to make up for it, I'm featuring a trio of amazing Fenders. These guitars were made for the members of the … Continue reading The Fender Hellecasters

2019 Gibson Les Paul Standard 60s In today's episode, we take a look at the Brand New 2019 Gibson Les Paul Standard 60s guitar that was released April 29th, 2019. These were touted as the models that would turn Gibson around. Standards are standards again without weight relief! No more fancy electronics, just standard pots. 2019 Gibson Les Paul Standard … Continue reading 2019 Gibson Les Paul Standard 60s

The Heritage “Little One” This instrument was built by The Heritage Guitar company as a Signature guitar for Gerry Gessie. These are built in a similar manner to a Gibson Zoot suit guitars with multiple layers of dyed wood glued together and then the body shape carved out from there! This makes an interesting looking guitar for sure! … Continue reading The Heritage “Little One”

The Last Les Paul Custom Out of Kalamazoo Here is the last Les Paul Custom to ever be made at the original Kalamazoo, Michigan factory. It has many special features that most customs did not have at this point in time. This custom features 3 Tim Shaw PAFs (stylized after a 1957 Style Custom, but with 1960 styled knobs) an ABR-1 Bridge … Continue reading The Last Les Paul Custom Out of Kalamazoo