International Forwarding Service

If you've run into a seller that doesn't ship internationally - but you NEED to have this piece of gear - I can help... but unfortunately, it isn't cheap. I charge a base $200 forwarding fee + shipping costs to your country. This is simply a forwarding service. I am not responsible for the authenticity/condition/safety … Continue reading International Forwarding Service

Trogly’s Somnium Guitar Contest Here is your chance to win this awesome Somnium Electric guitar with their patented Hot-Swap Pickup system. 1st Prize will receive this guitar with their choice of in-stock pickups and a Gator hardshell case. It might not look like much - but trust me, I had a great time with mine and you'll love … Continue reading Trogly’s Somnium Guitar Contest

This is NOT a SCAM! Multiple eBay Listings of the Same Guitar Welcome back to your daily dose of guitar information, the Trogly's Guitar Show! Today, I felt it necessary to dive into another commonly asked viewer question - What is this?!?! The same guitar listed multiple times on eBay for sale from Japan at different prices Why are there so many different listings for the … Continue reading This is NOT a SCAM! Multiple eBay Listings of the Same Guitar