International Forwarding Service

If you've run into a seller that doesn't ship internationally - but you NEED to have this piece of gear - I can help... but unfortunately, it isn't cheap. I charge a base $200 forwarding fee + shipping costs to your country. This is simply a forwarding service. I am not responsible for the authenticity/condition/safety … Continue reading International Forwarding Service

2020 Epiphone Les Paul Classic Worn Purple New 2020 Epiphone Les Paul Classic worn purple Burst | Review The 2020 Epiphone Les Paul Classic worn series is part of the new inspired by Gibson lineup. Essentially, for this series, Epiphone has mimicked their Gibson lineup. They have an Epiphone modern and Epiphone original, just like the Gibson original and Gibson modern … Continue reading 2020 Epiphone Les Paul Classic Worn Purple

Reverb Bought-Out By Etsy

Well... this isn't the video I wanted to make today. Sorry Slash, your birthday video will just have to wait. Welcome back troglodytes to your daily dose of guitar information - the Trogly's guitar show. Current Event Time! Reverb announced today that they will be handing the keys of ownership over to Etsy in the … Continue reading Reverb Bought-Out By Etsy

2019 Gibson Joan Jett ES-339 Episode Guide 0:15 - Joan Jett History 1:50 - What's a 339? 2:47 - How Does this One Differ? 3:57 - Best Personalized Features 5:03 - Inside Look / Specs 10:51 - Tone Test 14:24 - Final Thoughts 15:59 - Special Case + Candy Buy on ReverbSearch eBay for Used Mentioned Videos: Government 335 … Continue reading 2019 Gibson Joan Jett ES-339

Trogly’s Somnium Guitar Contest Here is your chance to win this awesome Somnium Electric guitar with their patented Hot-Swap Pickup system. 1st Prize will receive this guitar with their choice of in-stock pickups and a Gator hardshell case. It might not look like much - but trust me, I had a great time with mine and you'll love … Continue reading Trogly’s Somnium Guitar Contest